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Dear friends, thank you for watching and reading. Everything that you just heard in this video is not my fantasy and not my imagination. That is a reality - exactly the same as all those above and underwater views you just had a chance to see. It is real, and it's a very valuable natural resource. I've spent more than two years trying to develop it and I have managed to progress really far but not as far as I could have and as I wanted to because all this time I've been working alone and I've been funding this project entirely by myself. I've been trying really hard to find ANY possible support from MANY different companies and different bodies of the Irish government but at this time with no luck.

But I always strongly believed and I still believe that this project CAN earn real money to all of us, and this is only a part of many other different benefits it can give such as:
1. To reach out and inform Irish population that that frequent beaches, rocky shores and lakes as swimmers but not realize the life that is within their grasp.
2. To transmit the idea that high biodiversity is on one hand, a signal of health of an ecosystem, and on the other, a study subject that might give us advanced warning of pollution, environmental change and anthropogenic pressure that may act to alter the balance of ecological niches.
3. To summarize how cataloguing and documenting live ecosystems might help people gain a new respect for their own resources and lead to an increased awareness of environmental problems that might undermine their quality of life.
4. To include the Irish public in both the scientific efforts aiming to understand the inner workings of the coastal environment and as advanced guardians of their environment.
5. To provide a hands-on, simple way in which the public might participate in findings related to biodiversity studies, by documenting with simple means what they find.
6. To accelerate the development of the tourism in Ireland and help with the development of art and culture.

There are many more absolutely beautiful and very unique spots on the Irish coast that are waiting to be discovered and I know perfectly well where to find them and I'm capable to bring you there with one single click of a mouse but I'm forced to put it on hold because I have spent ALL my personal funds and without support I can't afford to spend my time or money anymore. So, for now this is my last work for this project. If I manage to find funds in order to keep developing this valuable resource and this project - I guaranty that the world will see something very-very special. If not - please enjoy what you've got from me personally.

If you wish to know more about me and about this project please visit my website or simply ask me.

If you wish to understand better why visual attraction is a valuable natural resource and how it can earn real money for all of us please follow this link and read Robert Costanza's works -

- To read more about how you can participate in this project please follow this link

All the best

Victor Kutischev
Founder of "Underwater Ireland"

To those who are interested: I'm Russian, living in Ireland since 1998. I have 3 Irish born kids."

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